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Our company prides itself  in setting qualified roofing leads for your salesman in storm damaged areas. Our Appointment Coordinators are highly trained and educated in the roofing industry. When dealing with your potential clients our customer service experience sets us apart from a "traditional" lead generating service. We treat all potential clients with the utmost respect and never use overly aggressive tactics. By doing this we only generate leads with high quality prospects. Chandler Marketing Solutions is a company that prides itself on integrity and dependability. Our company will change the negative connotation of lead generating services. We guarantee a positive experience for you and all of your potential clients.  

When placing telemarketing calls our crews represents your company name on each and every phone call that goes out for your targeted campaign, so the homeowner is aware of who is calling, and the reason you are coming out.


Our call center hours operate from (9AM to (9PM)  Monday thru Saturday and we also provide Sunday telemarketing services for companies that wish too. Our managers send out appointments via email or text when necessary for your project managers to run thru out our work hours which allows us to provide Same Day Appointments!!!!!! for your project managers.

We do have the ability to target any size radius of any hail zone damaged area, which further improves the quality of the leads you receive. All campaign caller ids can either have your company number displayed on the calls, or a unique local number of our choice based on the  homeowners area code.

All Leads are exclusive and are not sold to any other companies. !!!!!