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Chandler Marketing Solutions is a  premier lead generating service offering pre-set appointments in the Roofing, and Auto hail repair Industry, as well as providing lead generating services in the Solar and Energy field

Residential and Commercial lead generating is our business.
Chandler Marketing Solutions is family-owned and operated in Texas,but we provide services nationwide for all your storm chasing needs. We treat every customer like they are part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch.

Doing Business !!!!!!

What you do to guarantee quality leads:

Once you decide to use Chandler Marketing Solutions as your lead generating service, you will begin a customized start up process based on your business needs.

We will get information on your business and any specifications for the leads you want generated.

Then we will discuss which type of leads best suit your business needs and arrange payment options for your first payment .

You will then inform us as to the target location(s) your business wants their leads generated from.

Finally we will provide you with a professional service agreement that outlines our customized business arrangement. As soon as this process is complete we will immediately begin generating your customized leads.

If you are interested in utilizing our services or if you have any questions about our company, procedures, pricing, policies or any general information feel free to contact us. We also offer a contact form posted in the upper right of this page if you would like for us to contact you.

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